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What are Live Concentrates?

It’s Alive! (not like Frankenstein)

“Live” is a term you will hear in reference to both solvent and solventless extracts. In this context, the word “Live” references the flower material used in the extract. Whether it is Live Rosin, Live Resin or even a Live Resin / Rosin cartridge, we only use fresh-frozen, gently handled, premium grade flower as our starting material. This process helps to preserve all of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes at peak freshness.

Are Live Concentrates Stronger?

THC percentage is normally higher in Live concentrates. This is due to the fact that as cannabis flower ages, and the compound degradation process continues, other cannabinoids begin to form in higher concentrations. Live concentrates act as a highlighter for the effects a cannabis strain would normally have when consumed as flower.

Is Live Resin Better For You?

The over all medicinal profile of Live concentrates is more robust. By freezing the flowers used in the concentrate immediately after harvest – we are able to capture the essence of the strain. This means that the concentrate will have the fullest expression of terpenes and cannabinoids possible, as none of these precious and volatile compounds were lost to the natural degradation process.

What Differentiates Live Concentrates?

The two main factors that set Live concentrates apart from one another are extraction technique and the consistency of the finished product. Live concentrates can be processed through all available extraction methods today. This is due to the fact that all you need is fresh frozen starting material to consider the extract Live. High terpene content can affect consistency and make Live extracts more viscous. Present compounds and manufacturing techniques can result in everything from waxes, sauces and crumbles to consistencies like saps, sugars and jellies.

Essence of The Plant

Whether you’re taking a dab, making capsules or infusing your favorite meal – Live concentrates give you the most full spectrum and closest-to-the-plant experience possible. You can feel and taste the hours of passion poured into cultivating the plants that were the starting material for the extract. This synergistic, full-bodied experience can only be described as medicine.

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