Many visitors ask, “Is Weed Legal in Hawaii?

While currently the state market is still strictly Medical;  the conversation around legalizing adult-use cannabis is picking up momentum here in Hawai’i. 

For those interested in learning more and getting involved in the conversation we will use this page as a way to keep you  up to date on the latest movements.

As always, we encourage you to do your own research and to make your voice heard to state policymakers.



  • SB669 passed with amendments through Senate CCP/WAM on 3/2
  • SB375 is Committtee JVC/WAM deferred the measure with no date on 3/2
  • SB669 is deferred until Thursday 3/2 at 9:50AM
  • SB669 Hearing set for Wednesday 3/1 at 9:00AM
  • SB375 Hearing scheduled for Wednesday 3/1 at 10:05AM

  • Hawaii Tribue-Herald: “Recreational cannabis bills spark debates

  • SB375 Passed with Amendments through the Senate Judiciary Committee on 2/16

  • SB669 Passed with Amendments through the Senate Judiciary Committee on 2/16

  • SB375 Vote Deferred until 2/16 at 9:29AM

  • Marijuana Moment Article Covering 2/14 Hearings

  • SB669 Vote Deferred until 2/16 at 9:00AM

  • SB669 Hearing is scheduled for 2/14 at 9:30AM

  • SB375 Hearing is scheduled for 2/15 at 9:30AM



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