Big Island Grown X Pono Life Maui

Aloha, Maui! We are thrilled to share the exhilarating news that Pono Life Maui and Big Island Grown are officially partnering up to bring Maui the best cannabis products Hawaii has to offer on Saturday January 13, 2024. Big Island Grown products will be available at all three Pono Life Dispensaries, located in Kihei, Kahului, […]

A Guide to Big Island Grown’s New Ceramic Cartridges

Introducing Big Island Grown’s New Ceramic Cartridges In the ever-evolving world of vaping, enthusiasts are constantly seeking ways to enhance their experience. Therefore, Big Island Grown is excited to announce the launch of our new ceramic cartridges!  Ceramic cartridges are excellent for a cleaner flavor profile and exceptional heat retention properties that will ensure even […]

Introducing the brand new SO JUICY HAWAI‘I gummies!

We are stoked to partner with So Juicy Hawai’i to introduce a line of delectable, tropical gummies. So Juicy Hawai’i’s mission is simple yet impactful – to provide delicious, healthy, convenient, and affordable juice and food from a Hawaiian perspective. Learn more about the Kona based juice company here. A Nourishing Collaboration In this exciting […]

Hawaiian Sun and Soil Coming Soon to Big Island Grown!

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new line of products. 🌱Introducing Hawaiian Sun & Soil; a new line of premium cannabis grown naturally in organic soil under the intensity of the Hawaiian sun. Dropping at all Big Island Grown dispensaries on October 20th, Hawaiian Sun & Soil offers the experience of […]

Big Island Grown’s New Gummy Shape: A Taste of Paradise with Precision Dosing

The Hawaiian Islands are known for their breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and now, for a cannabis edible like no other. Big Island Grown has taken a bold step in the world of edibles with a unique twist: gummies shaped like the Big Island itself! Not only do these gummies captivate the spirit and flavor of […]

Riding a Wave of Sunshine: Sunkissed Flower Drop Is Finally Here!

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest flower drop – say hello to “Sunkissed,” a cannabis strain that’s about to become everyone’s favorite sunny day companion. A Sunshine-Infused Lineage Sunkissed is the delightful offspring of Sour Strawberry Kush and Trophy Wife, crafted by the talented breeders at Surfr Seeds. A Visual Treat […]

Jerry Pinefield: Big Island Grown’s New Delicious Cultivar

Introducing Jerry Pinefield, the latest addition to Big Island Grown’s lineup of premium cannabis cultivars. A crossbreed masterpiece by the skilled breeders at Makena Genetics in Maui, Jerry Pinefield combines the delightful Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Jaeger Cake strains to deliver an extraordinary cannabis experience. Now available at all Big Island Grown locations, this […]

8.08 Reasons 808 Day will be the Big Island Party of the Summer!

If you were at last year’s 808 Day, you already know how it’s going down but for those of you new to this, here’s a breakdown of what makes 808 Day so special. 1. The Music It’s crazy to think that this will be Landon McNamara’s first time playing on the Big Island. We have […]

How to Use Cartridge Batteries at Big Island Grown

Big Island Grown’s Cartridge Batteries provide an exceptional vaping experience for patients.This quick guide will walk you through the simple steps to maximize your enjoyment with these cartridges. Powering On and Off: To activate the battery, click the button on the pen five times consecutively. The LED lights will indicate that the battery is on. […]

Understanding the Transition from Indica or Sativa to Indica or Sativa-Leaning Hybrids.

Wondering why our previous Sativa and Indica cannabis strains are now labeled as leaning hybrids? Simply put, the old Sativa and Indica classifications don’t quite cut it anymore. So, here’s the scoop: all of Big Island Grown’s cannabis strains are now considered Sativa and Indica-leaning hybrids. Let’s dig into why this shift has occurred and […]



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