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How to Use Cartridge Batteries at Big Island Grown

Big Island Grown’s Cartridge Batteries provide an exceptional vaping experience for patients.This quick guide will walk you through the simple steps to maximize your enjoyment with these cartridges.

Powering On and Off:

To activate the battery, click the button on the pen five times consecutively. The LED lights will indicate that the battery is on. To turn off the battery, repeat the same process of clicking the button five times.

Heating Up:

Initiate the heating process by clicking the button on the pen twice. The LED lights will flash red as the pen reaches the optimal temperature for vaporization.

Adjusting Heat Settings:

Change the heat settings by clicking the button on the pen three times. Each click cycles through the available options:

  1. Green: Low Heat – Ideal for a smooth and flavorful experience, preserving terpene profiles.
  2. Blue: Medium Heat – Balanced flavor and vapor production, suitable for most oil cartridges.
  3. Red: High Heat – Maximum vapor production, suited for users with high tolerance levels.

Enjoying Your Vaping Experience:

Hold the button while gently inhaling from the mouthpiece. Take slow, controlled puffs to savor the flavors and effects of your chosen cannabis oil.

Charging the Battery:

To maintain consistent performance, keep your Big Island Grown Cartridge Battery charged. Connect the provided charging cable to the battery’s USB port and plug the other end into a power source. The LED lights indicate the charging status. Once fully charged, the battery is ready to use.

Big Island Grown’s Cartridge Batteries offer a user-friendly experience for cannabis consumers in Hawaii & beyond. Follow these steps to enjoy flavorful vapor and customize your sessions to your preferences. Always ensure responsible usage and adhere to local laws and regulations. Happy vaping ‘Ohana!

Check out this video on how to use our vape cartridges.

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