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Normalize Plant Medicine

Throughout history there have been many campaigns smearing cannabis and other plant medicines as “dangerous weeds” (ie. Reefer Madness). These attempts to scare and shame users often stemmed from competitive industries and racist ideologies rather than true science.

It is long overdue to not just decriminalize or legalize healing plants, but to normalize plant medicines in modern culture. The Normalize Plant Medicine campaign was launched to let the people grow and share the plants that heal us, that teach us, that ground us, and that connect us to our roots. Humans have known plants to be medicine for thousands of years; it is time to make it common knowledge again.

We had the pleasure of spending an afternoon talking medicinal plants with the Kanaka Kava family on their farm. While they took us through the process of harvesting fresh ‘awa, Lākea shared his perspective on how plant medicine can connect us to nature, our community, our ancestors and to ourselves.

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