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Introducing Premium, Cold-Chain Live Rosin at Big Island Grown Dispensaries

In keeping with our core values of Innovation and Quality, we’re stoked to bring the highest grade solventless medicine to the Hawaii cannabis market. The amount of intention and craft that goes into producing this artisanal extract is tangible in every puff.

It starts with the plants

When the flower is harvested, it is gently placed in containers and frozen immediately. We handle the plants with care, as to not break or disturb the trichomes in any way. Getting the flowers into cool temperatures ASAP helps to preserve volatile terpenes that begin to degrade at room temperature. By preserving delicate trichomes, and capturing all volatile terpenes, we are ensuring an incredibly full-spectrum end product.

Hashish (Hash·ish /ˈhaˌSHēSH/): Noun

The frozen flowers are hand paddled in an ice bath in our cold hash lab. This process separates the trichome heads from the flowers and concentrates them into a beautiful hash. We choose to hand paddle, instead of automated agitating, to protect the delicacy of the trichome heads. This process allows us to agitate strains differently, as they all require a different level of agitation. The added layer of doing this process inside a cold room allows us to make sure no volatile compounds are lost while actively working with the flowers and trichomes.

Cold in – Cold out

Once the hash is extracted from the ice bath, it then moves into the freeze dryer. Our commercial freeze dryers ensure stability in our end product. Freeze-drying our hash allows us to remove moisture content that could cause issues later in its life, and the low temperatures allows us to maintain a high terpene content. When other processors air dry or dehydrate their hash, they are losing the precious terpene content that our products maintain. Cold is key.

Pressure makes diamonds

Dried and stable hash makes its way to our rosin press. This press uses some heat and lots of pressure to force the hash through filter bags. These filter bags help refine the concentrate even further. Once the hash is run through the press, it is immediately put back into jars and into cold storage.

Completing the cold chain

Cold curing is the final process. The live rosin cures in cold storage until it is whipped and packaged for sale. By continuing the cold process through this last, crucial step, we are ensuring that no precious compounds have been lost and the concentrate can fully develop into the truest expression of itself. Maintaining the cold chain is crucial in protecting the complexity of this product. Our rosin is manufactured in a cold environment, packed in a cold environment, transported in a refrigerated vehicle and held in refrigeration at our retail locations awaiting the most discerning connoisseurs.

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