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Introducing a Brand New Line of Big Island Grown Gummies!

Big Island Grown is rolling out 6 new and reformulated gummy flavors that include strain-specific options made with locally harvested ingredients. No Corn Syrup. No Gelatin. No Artificial Flavors or Colors. And now, no need to refrigerate. All our new gummies are packed with Aloha in our new 8 and 16-count tins.

These new gummies truly are a taste of Hawai’i as they include ingredients sourced from local, Big Island farms and vendors. Check out the new lineup hitting our Hilo, Waimea and Kona Dispensaries in the coming weeks.

Lilikoi-Olena (The Daytime Kine)

We reformulated this Big Island Grown favorite using locally harvested liliko’i fruit, liliko’i syrup from Hamakua Coast Premiums, and olena powder sourced from From Hawaii with Love. Previously medicated with distillate, our new Liliko’i ‘Olena Gummies recipe is now infused with Tangie Live Resin, giving them some citrusy terps and the full spectrum, Sativa-like effects of the cultivar; making them especially great for daytime consumption.

Moe Moe Sleepytime (The Night Kine)

If you’re in need of help sleeping, these are the gummies for you! These new Moe Moe Sleepytime gummies are made with chamomile flower, passionflower, locally harvested ginger and lightly sweetened with Big Island honey from Kupono Farms.

With 10mg THC and 6.5mg CBN in each, these gummies are like a cup of bedtime tea meant to bring you deep relaxation and restful sleep.

Since the new gummies no longer need to be refrigerated, a tin of Moe Moe gummies are perfect kept bedside.

Haupia Ube (The Dessert Kine)

Inspired by the flavor of Sweet Potato Haupia Pie, we formulated our Haupia Ube gummies using handcrafted Ube Syrup from our friends at Hamakua Coast Premium. These new gummies are rich, coco-nutty and just sweet enough with 10mg THC in each. Infused with Haupia Buns Live Resin, we find these strain-specific gummies perfect after dinner treats for pain relief and relaxation.

Fun Fact: The purple color in Ube comes from Anthocyanins; the same flavonoids in purple cannabis.

Acai Bowl (The 1:1 Kine)

We reformulated our Acai Bowl flavor into a 1:1 gummy with 10mg of both CBD and THC. Made with with Mamaki from Nakihalani Farm, local Spirulina and a drizzle of honey from Kupono Farms, this gummy pairs the perfect blend of superfoods and cannabinoids.

Like the North Shore classic breakfast, we find these Acai Bowl Gummies great for morning time pain relief and finding a flow state to charge your day.

Li Hing Mui Pineapple (The Anytime Kine)

Made with real, local fruit, these gummies are exploding with pineapple flavor! Each tin is packed with a package of our in-house Li Hing Mui powder completely free of Red40 and Aspartame. Don’t let the taste fool you, these distillate-infused gummies are 10mg THC each.

Kiwi (The Solventless Kine)

Made with real Kiwi and Grapefruitz Live Rosin, this sweet, solventless gummy option is packed with the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids from fresh frozen Grapefruitz flower.


Edibles can take between 1 and 2 hours to kick in and when they do they can be more intense than inhalation. We always suggest to start low and slow and titrate up to find the dose that is perfect for you.

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