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With the recent lowering of our everyday flower prices, packaging upgrades and the sunset of our plastic recycling program, we have recently

re-evaluated our Loyalty Points Program and have made some important updates.

Why the switch?

When we first launched our Loyalty Program we wanted to find ways to reward patients for consistently supporting BIG. Since then, we have made shifts to lower our everyday pricing and increased the diversity of our menu while standardizing a lot of our regular sales days. With all those considerations, we found it was time to revamp our loyalty program to accommodate the current retail experience for our patients.

What’s New?

With this new loyalty program, we are offering reward tiers for specific products; not just for dollars off your purchase. This gives patients the ability to redeem loyalty points at lower thresholds to claim rewards at great values; meaning you earn incentives faster and end up spending less per incentive!

In addition to these rewards, participants will have the opportunity to access limited edition product drops and unique Big Island Grown experiences like participating in phenohunts and VIP access to BIG events.

With this new program, our Refer-a- Friend program just got as easy as sharing a link. Each user will have a custom link in your wallet allowing you to share your link and easily earn points for every friend you bring into Big Island Grown.

Lastly, to curtail the overflowing pot of unused points we will be adding an expiration on all Loyalty Points.

After 365 days of inactivity, points will be removed from your wallet. So if you do not shop or redeem points for an entire year, your Loyalty Points will expire.

What You Need to Do Next

Without doing anything, all of your current points will transfer automatically. Between November 1 and December 31 2022, patients will have the ability to claim their points at the current Point to Dollar ratio in addition to being able to earn the new tier rewards.

Starting January 1 2023, the Loyalty Program will be fully transitioned to the new program.

In order to redeem points after November 1st, you will have to re-enroll. Luckily, it is super easy and only takes about 1 minute.

Simply click here and answer 5 questions to get yourself registered in the new BIG Loyalty Program. By selecting your Favorite Store, you may receive updates or Flash Specials specific to that retail location.

Once enrolled, you will see your points and the reward tiers that you qualify for right in your wallet. We do recommend that you add your Wallet to your Home Screen for easy access.

New Rewards & Redemption Tiers

In the new system, you can expect us to add surprise drops and rewards as we can but to start we have the following rewards and redemption tiers in place.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we go through this transition to our new Loyalty Program.

If you have any questions about the new program or how to claim your points please ask a Patient Attendant at any of our Hawaii dispensary locations or email info@bigislandgrown.com

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