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BIG Changes are going down at Big Island Grown

Since day one, innovation and sustainability have been two driving forces for Big Island Grown. Our next steps are no different. We are proud to announce that we are moving away from all plastic packaging. Beginning March 1 2022, we will be rolling out our biodegradable and home-compostable Pakalolo Pouches and reusable, glass and bamboo jars for our top-shelf, Farmer’s Choice.

These new pouches are made from Polylactic Acid (PLA), an innovative plastic derived from corn that is produced from renewable, raw materials; not fossil fuels. They are completely biodegradable and certified OK for Home Composting. These new pouches and the Pakalolo brand aim to deliver a mix of sustainability and value with the quality you’ve come to expect from Big Island Grown.

At the pinnacle of Big Island Grown’s new product offerings is the premium product line we are calling, Farmer’s Choice. Each harvest, the best buds (the crip of the crop, the highest of grade!) will be hand selected and packed into opaque, white glass and bamboo jars. Glass, unlike plastic, has no static charge which means all the precious trichomes stay on the buds. White glass also prevents light and heat from degrading the quality of the products and it will never leech any odors or flavors like more porous containers; making these jars optimal for saving all your headiest of stashes.

In addition to the upgrades in packaging for flower and concentrates, B.I.G. has shifted to fully ceramic vape cartridge hardware. Whether for Live Resin, Live Rosin or Distillate, ceramic cartridges offer superior heat retention that have shown to deliver longer lasting and improved flavor without any burnt-taste. Ceramic Carts resolve some of the issues such as the “spit-back effect” often experienced with other vape cartridges. The new cartridges will be packed in child-resistant paper boxes, diverting even more plastic from local landfills.

Big Island Grown’s new packaging comes with a new packing strategy. To cater to the diverse group of 329 patients we serve, all B.I.G. flower will now be sorted and packed into two distinct lines; our premium Farmer’s Choice line that prioritizes quality and the Pakalolo Pouches that prioritize value. This new strategy allows every B.I.G. cultivar the opportunity to be packed into both jars and pouches, ensuring a robust menu that is full of accessible, high-quality products every single day.

How Will This Affect the Everyday Mixed Plate? Featured Flowers? Recycling?

I’m sure many patients are wondering how this will affect our Everyday Mixed Plate. Moving forward our Everyday Mixed Plate will still be four 8ths of your choice for $150 but now will consist of any 3 Pakalolo Pouches and 1 Farmer’s Choice 8th. Featured Flowers will still be dropping weekly and at the same price.

Another major change will be the sunset of our Recycling Program. Since the pouches are compostable and we are encouraging patients to reuse the glass jars and tins, we will no longer be recycling packaging. Patients will have until April 1 2022 to recycle any plastic packaging and redeem recycling points before we fully stop. Patients will still receive Loyalty Points on all purchases and 2x on Double Points Mondays. We are also working on new creative ways to issue points (ie. bringing a reusable bag, showing up to beach cleanups, etc.) that will be rolled out in the near future.

New Gummies: Made with Real Local Fruit and Strain Specific Live Resin & Rosin Options

We are also excited to announce that we will be rolling out a brand new line of gummies! We recently made upgrades to our Lilikoi Olena recipe and added both Pineapple Li Hing Mui and Kiwi flavors that all utilize fresh, local fruits.

The brand new Moe Moe Gummies mix Chamomile and Passionflower Extract with local ginger and honey for a sleepy time tea experience in gummy form. We also reformulated our Acai Bowl recipe to be a 1:1 CBD:THC gummy that includes local Mamaki and Spirulina, making it great for daytime use.

A brand new flavor, and favorite amongst the crew, Haupia Ube, will be infused with Hamakua Coast Ube Syrup and Haupia Buns Live Resin for a full spectrum, strain-specific edible experience.

All of the new gummies are made with fruit pectin and no gelatin. Starting in March we will drop a new flavor of gummies every week and come April will be offering Gummy Mixed Plates. This new line of gummies will be packaged in 8-count and 16-count tins that are perfect to reuse as a travel case for pre-rolls.

New Online Shopping Experience

Lastly, we are making upgrades to our online shopping menu. We are migrating the menu back to our main website where you will find a cleaner interface and a few upgrades to the shopping experience. Patients will now have the ability to shop by and apply all possible discounts before placing an order. The next phase of these new menus will include a prepay option and an expedited checkout at dispensaries.

We hope that you are as excited about the upcoming changes as we are. It feels good to be able to make a shift in our business that is also better for our island, our patients and greater community.

We would love to know what you think about the new packaging. Tag us on Instagram @bigislandgrownhawaii after your next stop in.

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