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11 Reasons to Stop by Big Island Grown this 4/20

April 20th or 4/20 has always been a holiday for advocates of cannabis. While the pandemic has certainly put a damper on people getting together, 2022 is looking like a year that we will get to celebrate our favorite plant!

At Big Island Grown we will be hosting some great specials to help everyone roll up and roll out for the stoniest of holidays.

With everyday specials like our Flower of the Week and Ultimate Mixed Plate, there’s never a bad time to visit our dispensaries but in case you needed a nudge to come visit us for 4/20, here are 11 Reasons why you should stop by Big Island Grown this 4/20!

  1. Unlock 2x and 3x Loyalty Points By spending $150, you unlock Double Points on your purchase. By Spending $300, you will unlock TRIPLE POINTS!
  2. Free Gifts We will be offering a special, free gift with any purchase for the first 200 patients islandwide.
  3. Doja Cultivating Art Drop As part of the Cultivating Art Series, we will be dropping new art prints for our Doja cultivar at 12pm. This strain’s dark purple characteristics and Do-si-dos/Sherbet x Gelato genetics come through beautifully in this colorful piece by local artist, Keahi Ikeda. Don’t miss out on this drop as only 60 prints will be available island wide!
  4. Brand New Mushroom Chocolate Bars If you’re looking for a new edible product that is low sugar, locally sourced, vegan and full of added health benefits, you’re in luck! Our Kūkaelio Kokoleka is small batch, all-natural, dark chocolate infused with 100 mg THC, red Hawaiian Sea Salt and an 8-Mushroom powder blend from our friends at Malama Mushrooms. Each bar is scored into ten, easy-to-dose 10mg pieces.
  5. Last Chance to get Skunk Dog – It’s been a good run with this cultivar but it’s time we say a hui hou! Despite being the highest testing flower we have ever grown, this cut has run its course. This drop will be your last chance to get yourself some of this BIG classic until we hunt out a new cut.
  6. Return of the Mento Bento! Starting at 4:20pm on 4/20 you can get ANY 4 8ths in Pakalolo pouches for just $99! Feel free to mix and match or grab 4 of your favorite strain while supplies last.
  7. The in-house O.G. is back! Our newest patient-favorite, the B.I.G. O.G. is back in Pakalolo Pouches for just $40/8th. The first run of this flower went really fast and has been getting a lot of positive feedback. We see this cut sticking around for a while but this harvest is only a couple plants worth so be sure to scoop if you are a fan of other kush strains like Josh D OG Kush, Extreme Cream and Kimbo Kush.
  8. Extended Hours – Don’t worry if you have to work this Wednesday, we have extended our hours so that everyone can celebrate with us! Our Hilo, Waimea and Kona dispensaries will all be open from 8am until 8pm.
  9. 50% OFF BIG Apparel – Both in store and online at www.bigislandgrowngear.com all of the regular BIG apparel will be half price today only.
  10. New Limited Edition Gear – Since we can’t technically sell dab mats we came out with these brand new BIG “mouse pads” that you can use for many things! Along with those is a VERY Limited supply of Pakalolo for the People tees. There are juts a few of each size of this design, expect them to sell out quick. While all of the other merch is discounted to 50% off, the limited edition pads and P4TP tees will be at regular price.
  11. Deals on Dabs – While 4/20 is typically a flower lovers holiday and 7/10 is reserved for the dabbers, we think everyone should be able to participate in the deals. We are running killer deals on our Hamakua Bananas Live Resin at just $30/gram and dropping a small batch of Diamond Sauce made from two phenos we are hunting (Say Less & Banapples).

Find out what’s in stock via the online menu but please remember there will be no online preorders on 4/20. We look forward to seeing and serving you soon!

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