Dabbing 101: Everything You Need to Get Started Dabbing

So you want to explore the world of cannabis concentrates and start taking dabs but not exactly sure what you need? We got you! We know that dabbing can be kind of intimidating for beginners, so we sat down with Big Island Grown Lead Patient Attendant, Marty, to run down how it’s done. This Checklist […]

Cannabis for Athletes: Performance Enhancing or a Hazard to Health?

You’ve probably heard by now, athlete Sha’Carri Richardson was suspended from competing in the 2021 Olympic games due to a positive drug test for THC. This was a move that has divided the public and brought into question how cannabis should be handled. Should professional athletes be barred from having access to a potentially life-changing […]

808 Day 2021

808 Day, aka August 8th (8/08), is more than just the anniversary of the opening of the Big Island Grown Kona Dispensary. 808 Day is a celebration of the culture of these islands. After taking last year off, we thought this year was going to be our chance to really celebrate with our community but […]



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